Premium Concrete Coating Services in Allen, Texas

Our family-owned company has been offering a wide variety of 5-star rated concrete coating services that allow you to enjoy the household comfort you deserve. Let us provide you with a fantastic concrete surface that’ll add enjoyment and value to your property.

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Fast & Reliable Concrete Coating Services in Allen, Texas

Welcome to Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions, the leading destination in Allen, Texas, for superior concrete coating services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to quality craftsmanship guarantee that your outdoor and indoor spaces transform into aesthetically pleasing areas that stand the test of time.

At Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions, we understand the importance of beauty and durability. We ensure that every project we undertake enhances the visual appeal of your space while also providing a resilient, long-lasting finish. Trust us to elevate the look and feel of your property with our exceptional services.

Why Choose Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions in Allen, Texas?

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of dedicated experience in the concrete coating industry, our team of seasoned professionals brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the nuances of our work to every project. Their knowledge and skills ensure we consistently deliver superior results, setting us apart in our field.
  • Quality Materials: At the heart of our commitment to excellence is using only the highest-grade materials, carefully selected for their proven durability and aesthetic appeal. This uncompromising approach guarantees that your investment looks outstanding immediately after application and continues to impress for years to come, withstanding the test of time.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our team goes above and beyond, dedicating themselves to meeting and exceeding your expectations at every turn. Through meticulous attention to detail and a personalized approach, we aim to deliver outstanding results that fulfill and surpass your vision.
  • Local Specialists: Our connection to Allen, Texas, gives us a unique advantage as local specialists. This intimate familiarity with the local climate and its challenges allows us to tailor our coating solutions specifically to endure the area’s unique conditions. Our commitment to understanding and adapting to these local nuances ensures the durability and longevity of our work, providing you with peace of mind and lasting satisfaction.
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Our Concrete Services in Allen, Texas

Epoxy Garage Floors

Elevate your garage into a pristine, luminous, and highly efficient area using our superior quality epoxy garage floor coatings.

Perfectly suited for residential homes and commercial venues, our top-of-the-line epoxy coatings are meticulously engineered to endure heavy daily traffic, effectively resist various stains, and facilitate effortless cleaning.

With our epoxy coatings, you can transform a dull, utilitarian space into a vibrant and durable surface that enhances your property’s overall aesthetics and functionality.

Patio and Shop Floor Coatings

Transform your outdoor living spaces into stylish and functional areas with our high-quality patio and pool deck coatings. Our innovative products boast durability and offer slip-resistant surfaces, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones. Additionally, they are designed to remain cool to the touch, even under the hot sun, providing extra comfort during use.

Choose from our wide selection of colors and finishes to perfectly match your design aesthetic and elevate the look of your outdoor areas. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, sleek look or a more traditional appearance, our coatings will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions provides top-quality coating solutions tailored for commercial and industrial settings. Our range of services caters to various types of environments, including warehouses, production facilities, and retail spaces.

Our state-of-the-art coatings guarantee ultimate protection against wear, tear, and damage, ensuring your floors not only withstand the test of time but also maintain a polished and professional appearance. Our commitment to enhancing your floors’ durability and aesthetic appeal makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable and effective coating solutions.

Custom Solutions

Each space has a distinct character, and your coating requirements are just as unique. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to craft tailor-made coating solutions that perfectly align with your specific needs and financial plan.

We offer a comprehensive consultation process, discussing everything from color selection to the type of finish that best suits your project. This guarantees that the final outcome meets your expectations and authentically reflects your personal style or brand identity.

Whether you want to revitalize a single room or transform an entire building, our commitment to excellence ensures your project shines.

Our Concrete Services in Allen, Texas

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Ready to transform your space with the best concrete coatings in Allen, Texas? Contact Classic Coatings & Outdoor Solutions today to schedule a consultation. Our team is eager to provide you with a personalized service experience and bring your vision to life.

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5-Star Rated Concrete Coatings


1 Day Concrete Coatings for Texas

The job looks great! The guys were on time and finished their excellent work quickly! Just what I wanted.

Paul R.

Concrete Coatings in DFW

Loved the results. The patio looks amazing. The staff was very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend this company. I am a very happy and satisfied client.

Sarah S.

Texas Concrete Coatings

Very happy with Classic, had 2 garages, patio, courtyard and sidewalk lakeside done, over 1500 SQ feet. Everything looks fantastic, the installers were super professional and nice guys to boot. Tried epoxy first and it peeled and faded after a few years. This is a way better product and Classic knows what they are doing.

Tom C.

FAQs for Garage, Floor, and Patio Coatings in Allen, TX

A: The entire process usually takes about 2-3 days, depending on the condition of your existing floor and the specific coatings being applied.

A: Yes, we can add texture to the coatings to make them slip-resistant, ensuring your safety, especially in wet conditions.

A: Absolutely. Our high-quality coatings are resistant to oil, chemicals, and other common substances found in garages, making clean-up easy and maintaining the floor’s appearance.

A: Yes, we offer a warranty for our floor coatings, covering peeling and color fading for a specified period. Please contact us for more details on the warranty terms.

A: Maintaining your coated floor is simple; it requires regular sweeping and occasional mopping with mild soap and water to keep it looking new.

A: Ideal application conditions are in temperate weather, but our advanced products and techniques allow for coatings to be applied in a variety of weather conditions. However, extreme conditions may affect the application process or drying times, so it’s best to consult with us for optimal scheduling.

A: Yes, we provide a wide range of colors and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences and design requirements. Our team can help you select the perfect color to complement your space.

A: We prioritize sustainability and the health of our clients. Our coatings are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and environmentally friendly, meeting both safety and environmental standards.

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